Are you choosing the branded men's belt that best matches your outfits? This is the right place. CityStore guides you in choosing the perfect match online, too! Men's belt fashion Fashion has invented a thousand kinds: thinner, elegant and sophisticated belts, braided, elastic, metallic or the classic leather one. Each of them can be matched under a shirt, a t-shirt depending on the style you choose. The choice of the belt is important and often changes the formality of the outfit: in fact, it is an accessory that can communicate your personal idea of fashion but also the attention you put into the details, a certain dedication to details, basically a strong idea of taking care of yourself. Different shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, workmanship, colors have passed on the runways depending on the fashion trend. What kind of belt are you for?

If you are still not sure which is the best choice for you, ask us for advice: we will always guide you in your style choices. How to wear the right belt? The belt is a classic accessory, to be worn with office looks but also with leisure outfits. Nevertheless, it should always be worn with style, taking into consideration many factors such as the size, lacing and the right match with shoes and clothes. To avoid style lapses follow these simple rules: Find the right size for you: you can refer to your pants size to find your belt size. Belts have a height: depending on the style belts have a height:the taller a belt is the more casual it is. Pay attention to style: with an elegant tailored evening suit, for example, it is best to wear one of our elegant black leather belts, while for a causal outfit you can opt for an elastic belt. In some cases, the belt may not even be necessary, if the pants are the right size! We have chosen the best brands and the most fashionable designer belts for you.

Made of recycled material, on which the A|X logo lettering is imprinted to form a recurring pattern, the belt features thin metal buckle with custom loop.
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This reversible belt is made of cowhide leather and fits any outfit with simple elegance, being able to choose whether to display the iconic lettering logo print or the solid color side. Made in Italy. Dimensions: 125 x 3.5 cm.
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Even the simplest look is embellished with an accessory like this. This belt features the Emporio Armani lettering embossed across the entire surface, and because it is reversible, you can adapt the color and pattern to your look.
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Armani exchange solid color logo men's belt with metal buckle.
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