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Chiara Ferragni

The Chiara Ferragni brand, namesake of its founder, fashion icon and world-renowned influencer, has quickly established itself on the international fashion scene as a symbol of style, innovation and femininity. Launched in 2013, the brand was born from the inspiration and creative vision of Chiara Ferragni, whose influential presence in the world of digital fashion has defined new directions in contemporary style. Characterised by a unique mix of glamour, irony and accessibility, the Chiara Ferragni brand offers collections ranging from clothing to accessories, including shoes, bags, jewellery and a recent beauty line. Each piece reflects the brand's essence: a bold combination of pop aesthetics, sophisticated details and empathetic messages, such as the famous blue eye logo symbolising intuition and femininity.

The brand's success is based on its ability to communicate with a connected and dynamic generation, offering not just fashion, but a true lifestyle that embodies aspirations, dreams and the freedom to express oneself. Through her collections, Chiara Ferragni invites women to celebrate their individuality, experiment boldly and experience fashion as a form of personal expression and empowerment. In addition to quality materials and careful design, the brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability and inclusiveness, values that are increasingly central to the contemporary fashion dialogue. Collaborations with other brands and support for social initiatives further amplify the brand's message, strengthening the link with a global community that recognises itself in its values.

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Chiara Ferragni white wool sweater, crew neck, Eye Star logo on front, long sleeves, ribbed hem and cuffs.
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Cheerfulness and authenticity in an explosive mix of colors and enterprising patterns by Chiara Ferragni.
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 Chiara Ferragni cotton T-shirt with Eye Star embroidery, short sleeve, slim fit.
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Born from a passion for fashion, this turtleneck sweater by Chiara Ferragni has all the simplicity and style that characterize the digital entrepreneur. Peculiar with the famous embroidered eye on the chest flanked by a star, it is made of pure wool and will know how to keep you warm on the coldest days. 
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Chiara Ferragni women's eye star jeans with back embroidery , belt loops, front zipper and button closure.
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