The men's scarf is a very fashionable piece of clothing that gives a modern twist to your style. Our online range of branded men's scarves includes winter scarves, for those who fear the early cold weather, and silk scarves, more suitable for the spring season. Available in different colors and from different brands. How to wear a men's scarf For many people, the scarf represents a simple winter garment to be worn only to protect themselves from the cold and wind. Who hasn't received a scarf at least once in their life at Christmas and without even opening it, given it away? This is a big mistake because in reality, the scarf can easily become a fashion item that can be worn in different ways. Here we recommend different ways to wear your scarf and always be fashionable.

1. For a casual winter day, you can wear the scarf by making it a "simple loop" around the neck and leaving the two flaps to hang in front. In this case, you may want to wear it from under your coat for a more elegant style. 2. The Parisian knot, on the other hand, is made by following 3 easy steps: fold the scarf in half lengthwise, lay it around the neck and pull the two ends by threading them into the loop formed by the other. 3. The ascot knot is a very elegant way of wearing the scarf. To do this you simply lay the scarf behind the neck and let the two ends fall over the bust asymmetrically. You knot the two ends by running the longer one over the shorter one and tighten. The end result is a very elegant men's scarf. 4. Is it very cold and you don't want to risk catching a cold? Fear not: by wearing a "double wrap" scarf you won't run that risk. To do so simply wrap the scarf around your neck two volts et-voila. Run to discover our range of men's designer scarves online and follow our style tips.