Fashion has invented a thousand kinds of them: thin belts or flashy belts, elegant and sophisticated, bon ton, casual, elastic, metallic, classic leather or trendy, to be matched with handbag and shoes remain an evergreen piece to give as a gift and to keep aside for the right occasion. A true collector's item for vintage enthusiasts, especially if you are lucky enough to find them branded or signed by designers of historic brands, because over time clothing, like a work of art, also gains value in the market. A distinctive element of power, religious and military rank the belt has been part of women's lives since the Bronze Age. Over time it has become an exclusively aesthetic accessory, worn not only for its functionality but also for its ability to enhance clothing. It is indeed that accessory that can communicate your personal idea of fashion but also the attention you put into details, a certain dedication to details, basically a strong idea of taking care of yourself. Different shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, workmanship, colors have passed on the runways depending on the fashion trend.

Have you ever noticed how much it changes from one belt to another even the way it is fastened? It's all part of the design of a pattern that has changed according to the era. Just think of how many fashions have gone by: there was the time of the Western-style buckle belt for "cowboy style" enthusiasts, the "corset" belt, the wide one to wear over a sweater, sweater or coat, the "sash" that is to be knotted and worn high-waisted, "chain" or studded, not to mention the shapes of the buckles that can be oval, round or square, with a sliding type fastener or with the traditional method of fastening with notches and holes. We could go on for hours.And what kind of belt are you for?

Women's Vicolo belt with VCL buckle plain leather.
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Women's Vicolo belt with initial V baroque buckle. Solid color leather.
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