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Come discover what's new from Lumberjack, the Italian brand with the world's most famous double maple leaf. It was an artisan entrepreneur in 1979 who thought up the line reminiscent of the boundless wilderness of North America. The footwear inspired by those of the Canadian Rangers who walked those places. In 2021 Lumberjack celebrated its 40th anniversary by unveiling a new collection that gave space to a new collection of shirts, pants, polo shirts, footwear and outerwear. Striking is the lifestyle taste that appeals to lovers of nature and freedom that dictates the vision of the historic Italian fashion house. On our shop you can access the newly launched products and evaluate the garments that interest you. Check out the shipping terms online, then order your favorite styles.

Always an icon of the traveler's fascination, Lumberjack has perfectly interpreted the spirit and needs of those who practice an extreme life in contact with environments on the edge of civilization that require comfortable, practical, lightweight, water-resistant and windproof clothing. Technical details and specific tailoring design to cope with wild conditions, such as deep pockets to accommodate the needs to distribute the weight of loads during long walks, make this brand a true cult of its kind. Even the shoes, with the best insoles and ergonomic lasts, enable optimal performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

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