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Seiduequattro is the brand of a Mantuan company created by knitwear artisans in 1985 dedicated exclusively to men's knitwear. The number 624 is the secret code for this brand's mix of experience, passion and quality. Also in this collection there is no shortage of colors, quality yarns and the most diverse weaves of 100% Made in Italy knitwear. The strength of the brand is the total integration of all production processes within the company: from creation, design, production and shipping of the finished garment. Seiduequattro products for sale on Citystore are distinguished by a clothing line that does not neglect moments of experimentation and innovation, in addition to the quality that can be felt to the touch and on the skin. Beautiful are the tie dye sweaters, the special technique used to dye the garments. 

These are patterns with spiral or circular shapes, usually in different colors. The coloring method was originated in the 1960s by Hippy groups and wrote fashion history with its strong claim to freedom.

The 624 collections never lack the classic crew neck, the V-cut series, the elegant turtleneck with strong weaves or the cardigan, a must-have in the closet and prefect for many occasions, to be paired even with a simple tee. But what is most striking about this Italian brand is the ability to mix different styles, to stimulate creativity, and always seek originality. Because the classic is beautiful when it is contaminated, twisted and made unique. Everything is produced with extreme attention to detail, and color is always a vital element within the collections: intense, bright, the power given by the way they tie together defines the personality of each piece. And this is exactly how garments with a more streetwear edge are born as well. And they have affordable prices, too!

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