List of products by brand Freedom Day

Made for traveling. Freedomday is the Italian brand for Travellers of the World and is in our online shop to accompany you on your adventures, thanks to a line of clothing products made to brave the big cold weather and to meet all your needs for practicality and functionality in every season, at affordable prices. Freedomday signs lifestyle outwear by making jackets, down jackets, parkas and vests for men and sleeveless, women and children. The concept behind this brand's marketing strategy is in the outdoor experience of style and movement. A collection designed to give a vision of style that has no intention of existing apart from dynamism.

Enriched with clever details, the 100gr down jackets and jackets are designed for lovers of an on-the-go lifestyle both in the city and in nature. Freedomday collections stand for freedom and originality. They are designed down to the smallest details to meet a wide range of outdoor styles and functional needs. The basic men's and women's collections maintain a minimal and essential taste, but the group's designers have also designed sophisticated and eccentric ones. Each model is characterized by attention to detail, choice of fabrics and attention to comfort. Because for lovers of the outdoors, comfort is a must. In most of the outerwear, a photographic print present on the inside characterizes the outerwear and gives personality to the models, reminding precisely of the idea of space and adventure. The Junior and New Born collections decline the most iconic models by Freedomday in a junior version, designed specifically for the needs of the youngest children. Children's jackets are created to give protection from the wind and maximum agility, to transform outdoor activities into an experience of comfort and fun without sacrificing style and originality. Get to know this brand by exploring the gallery of products available in the online shop!